XR Remote Collaboration

VIRNECT Remote enables seamless collaboration overcoming time and space constraints.

Product Overview

XR Remote Collaboration Solution

VIRNECT Remote enables real-time collaboration for industrial fieldwork. Connect experts through VIRNECT Remote to share information when and where you need it and solve industrial problems right at the source. Remote, quick, and simple collaboration, to give accurate and efficient on-site support.
Save Time and Cost

Save Time and Cost

Slash costs, along with idle and travel times.

Inform Quicky and ccurately

Inform Quicky and ccurately

Share information fast and give precise support

Reduce Industry Risks

Reduce Industry Risks

Enable swift support from off- site experts

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VIRNECT Remote’s State-of-the-art for exclusive features

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    Multiple data exchange points: Users can collaborate using web, mobiles (HHD), smart glasses (HMD), 360° cameras, robots, and drones

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    Real-time multilingual translation

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    Exchange HD images even over unstable connections

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    Secured intranet connections

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    Auto-start and login when RealWear devices are turned on

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    By-customer personalization upon request



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Multi-user communication
Up to 6 users can join simultaneously from several working situations for real-time collaboration.
XR drawing and pointing
Accurate field guidance with XR 2D or 3D pointing and drawing.
Adjustable resolution and FPS configuration
Overcome unstable networks and work in real-time seamlessly by quickly adjusting the video settings.
Connection with your company data systems or tech-deck, GPS location, XR devices support, and external users’ access, among other options.
Share screens and files
On-session collaboration boards allow the exchange of information and file downloading over the chat.
Integrated machine translation
Overcome language barriers and communicate smoothly in 10 different languages supporting voice interaction with STT (Speech To Text) and TTS (Text To Speech) functions
Screen recording
Up to 4K real-time screen recording, storing, and managing features ease problem identification and facilitate continuous improvement.
Korea’s National Intelligence Service (NIS) security compliance, meaning VIRNECT Remote supports the highest security standards


Timely response and collaboration
in industrial environments

VIRNECT Remote level up teams’ synergies by overcoming time and distance limitations. Leverage XR and enjoy a more productive and connected work environment.
  • Fast

    Reduce off time and travel time
  • Accurate

    Avoid miscommunication with precise visual guidance.
  • Hands-Free

    Receive field support through head-mounted devices.
  • Efficient

    Level up your workforce with engaging XR training

The AR/DT solution for industrial problems. VIRNECT can show you.

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