Digital Twins for analysis, monitoring, and simulation

VIRNECT Twin service allows companies to have industrial site virtual models linked to real-time data enabling analysis, monitoring, and simulation.

Data-linked digital models for virtual monitoring and simulation

Predict and manage situations using digital replicas of industrial sites

VIRNECT Twin service offers a digital model of an industrial site connected with real-time information, a DT (digital twin). VIRNECT Twin allows a bird's eye view of a whole complex enabling managers to monitor current operation and simulate different factory configurations at minimum costs.
실시간 모니터링

Robust collaboration system

Know precisely the current situation and share ideas with your teammates. VIRNECT Twin and VIRNECT Remote work together to become a flowless collaboration system. Have a clear living map and navigate it with AR instructions.

3D 모델 경량화로 웹 환경 구동

Real-time monitoring

Know the field situation precisely. Get a live feed of video, IoT, operational data, worker status, location, and equipment condition, to create a living map of an industrial site.

강력한 협업 시스템

Web-based access

View the digital twin from any device with VIRNECT proprietary 3D image processing and visualization system that enables web access to complex models.

완벽한 설비 연동

Perfect facility integration

Collect data from any process using 2D screen recognition and tracking technology, linking all moving parts to the digital twin.


Enjoy a robust monitoring system that combines all available on-site resources.

Virtual 3D environments
Connect a virtual 3D model with current industrial data streams. Be able to receive sensor feeds or IoT information, and have a virtual environment that mimics real-time conditions.
Integrated data management
Have everything in the same place. VIRNECT Twin integrates all operational data, thermal imaging camera feeds (FLIR), and IoT sensors data on gas, vibration, micro-dust, temperature, or humidity.
Team members and device tracking
Know your team and equipment status. AI-based video recognition, location, and measuring technology lets you follow up on workers and facility status. The digital twin reflects the current situation in real-time.
Improved monitoring and management
The control room can monitor the actual site as it navigates the virtual model using remote-controlled 360 PTZ (pan-tilt-zoom) security cameras.
Historical data management
The historical data can be stored for analysis, allowing better HR management, maintenance, and optimized workflows.
Simulation, diagnosis, and analysis
Get insights from the digital twin to recognize repetitive bottle-necks, match production to product lifecycles, and create preventive maintenance protocols.


Precise field monitoring & informed decision-making

VIRNECT Twin will deliver a powerful monitoring system of all your industrial sites, empowering managers with insights for data-backed decision-making. With historical data and simulation features, VIRNECT Twin optimizes the overall process and enhances the quality of outcomes.
  • Updated

    Get real-time data collected from the field on an identical digital model
  • Informed

    Have accurate predictions with simulations based on historical data. Be able to schedule maintenance and prevent off times accurately.
  • Efficient

    Increase efficiency by simulating different layout configurations, times, and processes.
  • Safe

    Prevent accidents with team-shared information

The AR/DT solution for industrial problems. VIRNECT can show you.

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