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The traditional training scheme currently used in the public/training sector is less effective than the costs.

The excellent learning results delivered by XR technology are accessible anytime and anywhere.

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  • Time and space limits of on-site training

    The scope of on-site training is very wide depending on the topic, requiring a wide range of equipment. Furthermore, training on operating new facilities require a lot of preparation and the wide range and its mobility hinders the training's efficiency. There are a number of limitations in visitors or VIP site tour for security and safety reasons.​
  • Disaster prevention/control training applicable to a project site

    The existing disaster prevention or control training and knowledge emulates actual facilities and factories, leading to ineffective training. On-site training requires a lot of preparation and its implementation is difficult, because hazardous circumstances may occur during practice and training.
  • A changing training scheme

    The existing classes and learning materials are difficult to understand. Moreover, due to the difficulty of face-to-face contact due to the COVID-19 pandemic, efficient communication solutions were needed for field training, corporate business, and international exchange activities. However, due to the lack of documents or images, it was difficult to achieve the desired results.
  • A highlighted need for public support

    For the revitalization of regions outside of metropolitan cities, the government's strategy of adoption and spread of virtual convergence technology for the economy was needed.

Solution & Effects

  • Excellent learning efficacy of experience-based/practical training

    XR solution provides 3D/realistic materials for training. It is effective for preemptive training in work practices and accident probability, as well as highly efficient due to being simple and intuitive.
  • Simulation of evacuation route in case of disaster through verbal/practical training

    By augmenting simulations of all kinds of disasters through realistic 3D information, we can utilize it for containment training. Additionally, an evacuation route simulation and realistic verbal/practical training in the case of disasters can be demonstrated using XR technology
  • Cost- and time-reducing XR solution optimized for zero-contact

    Virtual training is possible to be done remotely (from worksite, office, house), with no spatial restrictions and requiring no expensive equipment. Additionally, 3D technology/videos allow intuitive and simple learning and increase learning efficacy. Moreover, once built, the solutions can be repetitively used without time and space restrictions
  • Public services for local companies and residents

    Using XR solution, the need for public projects can be emphasized to and acknowledged by local residents. In addition, support for exports and increased sales can be provided to companies by improving their understanding of projects and by suggesting application measures.

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Use Case

  • Pilot test of 2021's innovative products

    한밭대학교 normal hover
    • - Built a remote control system between universities and companies in the COVID-19 pandemic and accomplished practical, remote job training

      - Built a zero-contact, remote support platform through which one can check and monitor the practical nformation and student's the practice environment inside and outside the university

      - Applied zero-contact VIRNECT remote technology for an innovative transformation of inter-university as well as industry and university technology cooperation systems, from face-to-face to zero-contact

  • Exports conference in Gyeonggi-do

    경기도경제과학진흥원 normal hover
  • 2020 Korea International Construction & Industrial Safety Expo, Zero-Contact Docent Tour

    Kintex normal hover

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