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XR technology can be applied to various sectors including industrial project sites, but also those closely related to day-to-day life such as medical and health care projects. 기타 이미지


  • A lack of operating workforce and education/training system

    In a variety of environments, the lack of operational staff and teaching/training is an important measure of productivity and quality improvement. A demand for highly-skilled workers is increasing along with the expansion of infrastructures; however, there is a shortage of workers who can be readily dispatched to a project site. A system that reduces excessive business travel and allows effective maintenance ​
  • Imbalance between information and technology

    New types of work or new medical treatments require information-sharing about errors or side effects and the ability to solve problems quickly together. However, it is difficult to obtain appropriate information at the desired time due to information blockage on islands and when working in poor conditions.
  • A need for system improvement in the health care environment

    A separate monitor is installed next to the bed during a surgery; however, turning around to see the screen is time consuming when in surgery A system where the real-time process and CT file is collectively available is needed, as well as a surgery environment where it's possible to swiftly check a patient’s health data during a surgery, such as pulse and breathing.

Solution & Effects

  • Precise and instant provision of teaching/training

    Immersive experience enabled by AR visualization provides clear instructions and information to unskilled workers. Especially in the medical and healthcare sector, medical devices and medicines can be explained effectively, increasing the participant’s level of understanding and reliability by providing clear information about possible complications. Also, problem-solving and decision-making can be undertaken in real time through remote support.
  • Reducing time/cost and maximizing work efficiency

    When a problem occurs on the project site, remote technology experts and on-site workers share the incident in real time and discuss the situation via camera, which enables smooth cooperation and swift amelioration. This reduces time and costs required in daily/parts inspection through AR-based recognition and tracking technology and XR-based multiple remote cooperative support. Visualization of 2D drawings and inspection manuals enables their safe and effective management during work.
  • Mitigating regional imbalances and improving health care environments

    The XR solution allows local emergency medical centers to communicate with health care personnel/emergency workers and provide healthcare services to disaster/accident emergency patients and help reduce regional imbalances. In addition, the XR device is used to visualize the patient's CT file with AR during surgery to increase efficiency, as the patient's information can be viewed at a glance without needing to turn around, and hygiene issues can be solved by allowing hands-free interaction.

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Use Case

  • SW for transformation of relative positioning and absolute positioning

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    • - It can guide to a destination without starting point restrictions or limiting the direction of movement

      - Demonstrating the skills necessary to implement navigation capacities with Core technology

  • SW for transformation of relative positioning and absolute positioning

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  • Developing AR content for financial products

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  • Plastic surgery platform using AR technology

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