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entertainment sector Making the services offered much more valuable

In the entertainment sector, a need for immersive content is being highlighted for its realism, as customers enjoy experiencing the

content in a safe manner. XR technology allows people to easily enjoy creative and realistic content.

엔터테인먼트 이미지


  • Large traffic flow and management costs

    When expecting a large traffic flow, you must provide a wide walking path for the disabled/seniors and children to assure convenient and safe access. In addition, there are restrictions on cultural heritage management costs and on the operating hours in the case of cultural heritage sites/experience-based exhibition halls.​
  • A need for realistic/immersive information

    At an art exhibition, a docent service provides information to a limited number of visitors for operational reasons, and it is difficult to offer experience-based materials that help people understand and enjoy the artwork In addition, it is limiting to explain the value of historical and cultural works through only verbal or visual information
  • A need for creating intangible content

    As cultural experience services increase online, it highlights the need to create intangible content that facilitates a virtual experience of historical context and a need for high value virtual experience services.

Solution & Effects

  • Creating realistic content for historic/cultural experiences with no time/space limits

    Using XR solutions, content can be enjoyed with no time and space limits via online exhibition services Furthermore, historic and cultural works are provided in AR as part of various exhibition information services with intuitive, three-dimensional and immersive content allowing people to acquire information through experience-based communication and understanding
  • Flexible access and advertisement of content

    Partly and wholly lost cultural heritage can be easily enjoyed via immersive contents by creating augmenting XR content on smartphonesIt induces interests by providing an intuitive and three-dimensional experience for functional information of a target object, through optimal interactive functions.
  • Convey the importance of your content and draw interest

    By manufacturing historical research paper of historic and cultural works and developing it into a cultural product, it is possible to draw interest and effectively convey its worth, while connecting various tangible and intangible content with the past/present/future.

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AR and Digital Twin technologies

Use Case

  • Operation of a docent program based on AR glass (National Museum of Korea)

    한국콘텐츠진흥원 normal hover
    • - Easy to utilize and understand, increasing the possibility of immersion

      - Providing customized services by analyzing visitors’ behavior and patterns

      - Used in content that allows interactive, experience-based learning

      서울 국립중앙박물관
  • Development of miniature folding screens (Gyeongbokgung Palace) using mixed reality technology

    한국콘텐츠진흥원 normal hover
  • Creating AR-based realistic content of the main gate of Hwangnyongsa Temple

    국립문화재연구소 normal hover
  • Immersive, experience-based exhibition system that can transform between AR-VR

    목포자연사박물관 normal hover
  • Developing AR exhibition content for exhibition

    천연기념물센터 normal hover
  • 360° panorama view for virtual career experience

    국토정보기술단 normal hover

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