Detection and tracking engine

VIRNECT Track XR engine learns, detects, and tracks objects quickly and accurately. VIRNECT Track engine is in each VIRNECT product and service, granting outstanding performance.

Data-linked digital models for virtual monitoring and simulation

Predict and manage situations using digital replicas of industrial sites

VIRNECT Twin service offers a digital model of an industrial site connected with real-time information, a DT (digital twin). VIRNECT Twin allows a bird's eye view of a whole complex enabling managers to monitor current operation and simulate different factory configurations at minimum costs.
우수한 검출 성능

Robust collaboration system

Know precisely the current situation and share ideas with your teammates. VIRNECT Twin and VIRNECT Remote work together to become a flowless collaboration system. Have a clear living map and navigate it with AR instructions.

경량 디바이스 최적화

Real-time monitoring

Know the field situation precisely. Get a live feed of video, IoT, operational data, worker status, location, and equipment condition, to create a living map of an industrial site.

수정 가능한 소스코드

Web-based access

View the digital twin from any device with VIRNECT proprietary 3D image processing and visualization system that enables web access to complex models.

다양한 타겟 지원

Perfect facility integration

Collect data from any process using 2D screen recognition and tracking technology, linking all moving parts to the digital twin.


Have stable detection and tracking
under any circumstances.

Stable detection and tracking
Enjoy stable AR content with consistent QR code, image, and 3D object detection, despite the camera angle.
Seamless blending
Enter stable immersive content as VIRNECT Track perceives and tracks surroundings in real-time, creating a smoothly mixed reality.
Multi-target detection
Follow several objects with VIRNECT Track that perceives multiple images or 3D objects simultaneously.
Visual SLAM
VIRNECT Track draws the video clips' feature points. It forms a virtual map of reality, ensuring the stability of the augmentation of objects.


Freely customize spatial AR systems.

With VIRNECT Track, developers can create innovative AR services and seamlessly extend reality. The exceptional flexibility and stability of VIRNECT Track enable the development of stable AR services.
  • Fast

    Bring AR systems to life easily and deploy services faster.
  • Reliable

    Rely on a high-quality and precise engine to deploy stable AR applications.
  • Stable

    Trust a stable service from an in-house developed SDK that does not depend on external licensing.
  • Convenient

    Enjoy a convenient AR service with optimized an SDK

The AR/DT solution for industrial problems. VIRNECT can show you.

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