All-In-One Extended Reality (XR) Content Creation

VIRNECT Make enables fast and stable XR content creation. Translate industrial knowledge and operation manuals into engaging immersive content.

Product Overview

Create stable XR content easily and fast.

VIRNECT Make is a user-friendly XR content editor optimized for the industrial world. It empowers anyone to create XR content with a few clicks. Combine text, photos, videos, 3D models, documents, and more to create engaging XR material.
No Code and Simple

No Code and Simple

Create XR content with a few clicks; VIRNECT Make is a no-coding editor with a visual interface.

Custom-made Content

Custom-made Content

Leverage your current handbooks and resources to create engaging XR material

XR Device Accessibility

XR Device Accessibility

Adapt your XR content to perfectly match the intended visualization device while keeping your XR material device-agnostic.

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No-code, simple and powerful XR content creation solution

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    Compatible with your current resources, such as image, voice, and 3D guides.

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    No-coding graphic interface, making it easy for any user to click, drag & drop.

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    Resource bundling to create a convenient asset library and simplify content production.

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    Tailored content for several devices. (Android, Realwear, and HoloLens).

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    Compatible with different targets (QR code, V-target, no target).

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    Displays IoT and other customer system data (over customization request).



Improve job performance and
empower management

XR content creation using various targets
Create content for different AR targets, such as QR codes and images, or to be displayed on any surface.
Device optimization
Preview and optimize material for different screens to create AR content that leverages the pros of the device of choice.
Real-Time data feed in graphs and tables.
Create XR graphs or tables based on real-time data (OPC UA, SQL Quarry, or TCP/IP) to deliver complex information clearly and efficiently.
On-site reporting
Assign tasks and receive feedback through AR content. Facility inspection and maintenance reports are stored and available for managers in real-time.
Set custom reactions on buttons and create interaction content.
Add animations to different objects to make content more transparent and engaging. Communicate the direction and speed of the objects' movement accurately. Moving AR objects will enhance the concentration of the workers and contribute to an intuitive understanding of the tasks.


Efficient work with accurate and precise
information delivery.

VIRNECT Make enables cost-effective and secure knowledge transmission, allowing you to convey workflows and processes and get immediate feedback.
  • Fast

    Produce in-house XR content and avoid long outsourcing processes
  • Reliable

    Produce and manage XR content without depending on external creators.
  • Ready-available

    Update XR content and tasks as they evolve in real- time.
  • Secure

    Protect your professional secrets with the highest industry standards.

The AR/DT solution for industrial problems. VIRNECT can show you.

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